Jan de Jong/ Dom Hans van der Laan 

High table – Green stained pine wood with nails.

Dom Hans van der Laan was a Dutch Benedictine monk and architect. He was a leading figure in the Dutch ‘Bossche School’. His theories on numerical ratios in architecture, in particular regarding the plastic number, were very influential.

Jan de Jong (1917-2001) was a talented craftsman-architect and student of v.d. Laan and it is claimed that in many way he surpassed his mentor. In the late 1950s the two men worked closely together to create a body of work. Jan de Jong was able to translate many of v.d.Laan’s concepts and ideas into pioneering buildings and spaces.

This desk is part of a collection of furniture that we have acquired that includes tables, chairs and prayer benches. They were made for Sint Willibrordus church in Almelo in the 1960s (full provenance including photos of the pieces in-situ. is available)


What I do, I do not want, and what I want, I can not do” [Dom Hans v.d.Laan]